All The Reasons You And I Wanted To Die

by Modio Head Worth

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released April 18, 2016

Writen,recorded and mixed by Victor Campano



all rights reserved


Modio Head Worth Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Intro(Please Stop The Yelling)
He screams and he runs
From the kitchen to his room
Had the music gone and finished?
Was the marching band left doomed
When he toppled over the bookshelf
All the words bled into the floor
And he screams

Get away from me
Float away
Find me an island
Where I can stay away from you
And away from them
Please please stop the yelling

I feel I may go insane

I wish and I dream of flying away
Track Name: Total Absolute
There's a room, with a candle
That illuminates your face
And a bed where I once lay
Naked in your embrace

An exchange of stories
That we'd already told
But the ones that we hadn't
Were the ones about to unfold

So let's find a solution
A means to resolution
For the better of you
For the better of me
For the better of all
I must say to you
Farewell thee

]And I'm broken by the shame
Of forgetting your name
Though through quick salutations
I remember you just the same

And in good time
I'll find
The missing parts of my mind
In the love I found through you
And the ground from which it grew
Track Name: Space Cats
Shoot me right off into space
I'll fly away far from this place
And sail across the great blue sky
And swim among the moon and stars alike

And if you want to
I'll endeavor with you
We're gonna journey through

Shoot me right off into space
I'll fly away far from this place
My head and heart close to the ground
In gracious space there's no space left for sound
Track Name: Contra Lament(Good Morning Ms.Good)
I've got an ear for really bad pop songs
So today I thought I might write one
As I woke up to clear blue skies
And fluidity of the mind
The bubblegum's been chewed up
And my face has been all screwed up
With happiness you surpass
And rays of sunshine beaming out of my ass

Don't think only feel
Nothing outside of these walls is real
And I understand
The source of the cold inside your hands

And I've found
Peace in honesty
And could you tell me honestly
The stories of your dreams
What I'm saying in this lament
Is I know this won't be permanent
But that doesn't matter if you smile

And one day we'll say good bye
As our happiness then resides
In the time we spent together
It was the best time
To be alive
Track Name: Bilingual Specks
Considering all the elements of this landslide
Is a face that knows the story goes between lines
Remembering a message carved in hours
A strew of years and delicate tears
And do you repent your first lament for

The memories never go
But my soul will surely grow
From a habit of overthinking
That's left my heart contempt and shrinking
Still these memories never go

Stripped myself of layers to bare the cold
The rain it stings my wounds they sing arpeggios
A scar to mark the habits and their toll
On daily life a source of strife untold
And do you recall that I once told you

The memories never go
Still my presence remains unknown
A mark of strangled empathy
From a bout of instability
Still these memories won't go
Track Name: Toilet Trained
Brother dearest
You were the scaredest of all
And although you still stand tall
The world above you falls

In my youth I redeemed enclosure
And I could walk from here

So sex me inside out
I'll find my happiness in doubt
A virtue I will go without
Without a doubt
And I've found God in all his glory
In the books and stories
That I was sold

And father
I could cry harder for you
But your presence here was a shrew
As the sunshine in thy room
When you do go
Remembered hereafter
The pain and laughter
The TV and it's shows
Track Name: Broken Toys
Most of these days
I've been locked in draws
And some may say
These will become my flaws
And I suggest
That you find better interests

Do you agree
My childish tendencies
Outgrow the man
Along life's infancy
And I'll imply
Your sex is bland and it is dry
It started up a fire

With these
Broken Toys

The last you held
The first to offer wine
And virgin pills
Of colours so divine
And bitter tastes
Correct to then illiterate

Tripping the curb
And hanging out on words
Our liabilities
Are cutting us into thirds
Tomorrow will be
The perfect day
But what defines perfection